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  Impression Jasper

  Brazilian Agate

  Chalcedony Qtz

  Colored Crystal Qtz

  Colored MOP


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  Sardonix Agate


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  Color Crystal Round

  Rainbow Crystal

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  Faceted Teardrop

  Faceted Briolette

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  Puff Coin

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  36" Chips

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  Africa Turquoise
  Dog Teeth Amethyst
  Dyed Feldspath
  Black Line Rhodonite
  Black Onyx
  Blue Opal
  Blue Quartz
  Botswana Agate
  Blue Brazilian Agate
  Carnelian - semi
  Cracked Chinese TQ
  Stablelized Turquoise
  Chinese Chrysacolla
  Citrine Crystal Quartz
  Purple Crazy Lace

  Fuchsia Crazy Lace

  Dyed Sardonix Agate
  Fire Agate
  Fushtie Rubis
  Glass Pearl
  Hand-made Glass
  India Green Aventurnie
  Green Grass TQ
  Iron Zebra Jasper

  Korea Jade
  Lapis lazuli
  Matrix Jasper
  Multi Agate
  Multi Stone
  New Chrysoprase
  Ocean Jasper
  Paint Brush Jasper
  Picture Agate
  Picture Jasper
  Pink Rhocorhrosite
  Pink Sunstone

  Purple Brazilian Agate
  Rainbow Crystal
  Red Jasper
  Red Fossil Jasper
  Rose Quartz

  Sardonix Agate
  Silver Foil Glass
  Smoky Quartz
  Tiger Eye
  Turquoise (Stablelized)
  Yellow Jade
  Blue Zebra Jasper


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  Sterling Silver Chain
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New Arrivals -2011


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Dec. 2011


Green Sardonix Agate Slab Pendant

  Faceted Roundel
Flat Alien Head

Faceted Graduated Necklace

Fuchsia Fire Agate Azurite Malachite
White Jade

Black Crack Turquoise - Carved Skull Pendant

Drilled from Top to Bottom

24 x 30 x 28 mm - $ 1.50 / pc  Add to Cart

Lapis lazuli Black Rutilate Qtz

  Purple Flower Shell Beads  -  Round Beads 16"

   10 mm -- $ 10.50  40 pc  Add to Cart

   12 mm -- $ 12.50  33 pc  Add to Cart

   14 mm -- $ 13.95  28 pc  Add to Cart

   16 mm -- $ 15.95  24 pc  Add to Cart

Bamboo Coral
Mixed Fire Agate Natural Pink Bamboo Coral
Red Jade Bronzite
Fire Black Onyx Fire Agate - Faceted Round
Black Red Agate Garnet
  Dyed Cracked Turquoise Blue Grass Jasper
Amazonite Smoky Quartz
Carved Round Rose 5-petal Flower Strand

Natural Agate Donut Pendant w/ Wire Bail

Green  50 mm - $ 8.50 Add to Cart

Red   50 mm - $ 8.50 Add to Cart

  DZi Agate  -  Faceted Round  16"

  14 mm -- $ 19.95  28pc  Add to Cart

Nov. 2011


6x13mm Long  Faceted Teardrop

Bone Pendant, Bone Beads

13 x 18mm Faceted Flat Briolette

18 x 25 mm Faceted Flat Briolette

Garnet Beads Pink Moonstone
Smooth Graduated Necklace

Faceted Graduated Necklace

Shell Beads

Rhinestone Spacers

Dyed Chinese Turquise in

Blue, Green orange and Red

Green Pyrite

Back in Stock

Faceted Pendant - Briolette

022 Pineapple Qtz - Cloudy

30 x 40 mm - $ 4.95   Add to Cart

Red, Fuchsia Jade 13 x 18mm

Faceted Flat Briolette

Oct. 2011

Chinese Turquoise Pendant w/ Silver  Faceted Heart Side Drill

Big Wave Flat Ovals

   Black Onyx - Dice Bead

   w/ Cubic Zirconia Beads

    24 mm - $ 9.50 / pc  Add to Cart

Sardonix Agate - Green Iron Zebra Jasper
Flower Donut Strand Eagle Eye Jasper

Sep. 2011


Faceted Graduated Necklace

Small Carved Skulls
White Jade

Mother of Pearl, (MOP)

  Faceted Roundel

Faceted Graduated Necklace

Shell Pendant Carved Flower Pendant

Aug. 2011

Colored Mashan Jade - Small Smooth Nuggets   Sticks - Many other Semi Stone
Rough Nugget Pendant Fuchsia Purple Impression Jasper Pendant
Sage Amethyst Slab Pendant Tiger Eye Pendant
Purple Sardonix Agate   Top Drilled Drop Nuggets

July. 2011

Carved Skulls Apatite Blue Brazilian Agate
Pink Conglomarite Jasper Chinese Turquoise
Flower Donut Strand Grey Quartz

Rectangle - 4 x 13 mm

Dog Teeth Amethyst Green Zebra Jasper

June. 2011

Russia Amazonite Peace Sign Round Pendant
Fire Agate  Flat Oval
Smooth Drum Fluorite
Bamboo Coral Blue Goldstone
Pyrite Pendant   Dyed Cracked Turquoise
Pendant Set   Irregular Faceted Nuggets
Smooth Graduated Necklace

Carved Skull Beads


May 2011

Irregular Slabs Fire Agate
Pendant Set Drop Donut Pendant


Green Sardonix Agate

  Labradorite  -  Fancy Pendant

   Dark:    18 x 30 mm -- $  5.50  pc  Add to Cart

   Light:   18 x 30 mm -- $  5.50  pc  Add to Cart

Colored Explosion Crystal (Natural)

Carved Flower Beads

Black Sardonix Agate
Color Jade - Round Beads Natural Crystal Tumble

Faceted Graduated Necklace

6x9mm Jade Round Teardrop Top-drilled

Color Jade - Faceted Round

Color Jade - Faceted Roundel


Round Beads

Botswana Agate - Grey

36" Chips


Rubis Fushtie

Carved Flower Shell Pendant

13x18mm Jade Smooth Flat Briolette

Blue Impression Jasper   Smooth Roundel
Blue Grass Jasper DZi Agate

Apr. 2011

Faceted Round


Size Graduated Necklace

20mm Big Round Beads

Crystal Elastic Wire  Machine Cut Nuggets
Pink, Fuchsia Jade

Purple, Fuchsia Sardonix Agate

Pendant Set

  Pyrite AA  -  Faceted Roundel  16"

   5 x 8 mm -- $  16.75    80pc  Add to Cart

   4 x 6 mm -- $  14.95  100pc  Add to Cart

Lapis lazuli Carved Flower Beads
Fire Cherry Qtz - Nugget Pendants Smooth Round Beads
Gemstone - 2mm Round Beads Gemstone - 36" Chips
Gemstone - Round Beads Gemstone - Heishi
Gemstone - Faceted Button  

Mar. 2011

Carved Round Rose Blue Fire Agate
Blue Sardonix Agate Dyed Jade
Pyrite 5 - Petal Flower Strand
Magic Amazonite Sticks
Fire Agate - Green Malachite and Lapis lazuli Mix
Sardonix Agate - Fuchsia FWP - Biwa
Lapis lazuli Hematite
Pendant Set Cinnabar Pendant

Feb. 2011

Pendant Carved Shell Clasps
  Double Drilled Beads Hemimorphite
Nuggets Bronzite
Carved Bear Beads

Fossil Coral Jasper

Botswana Agate

Rectangle - 4 x 13 mm

Jan. 2011

Big Turquoise Blue Free From Pendant

45-75mm   $ 3.50 - $5.95 


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